New CompTIA ISS-003 Exam Questions Are Out – (Nov-2017 Dumps)

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Intel Server Specialist ISS-003 exam is a milestone in the industry to endorse your proficiency. Passing CompTIA ISS-003 exam entitles you for the achievement of Intel Server Specialist certification exam. We at RealExamDumps provide you latest CompTIA ISS-003 exam questions. The candidates those who endorse their proficiency by passing the Intel® Server Specialist ISS-003 exam get the edge in the industry and get better employment opportunities.

Version: 7.0
Question: 1

Which of the following are features of the Multi-Server Cloning option in the Intel® Deployment Assistant? (Select ALL that apply).

A. The servers must be connected via Ethernet cable to the management NIC.
B. The BIOS and BMC settings cannot be cloned.
C. The bootable image can be distributed via bootable USB key or across the network via a PXE server.
D. Cloning is supported between any Intel dual socket server.
E. Some parameters that should be unique with different servers can be modified.

Answer: C,E

Question: 2

A reseller would like to confirm that the chassis fans for an Intel® Server Chassis are connected to the correct headers on the installed Intel® Server Board. Which of the following documentation could be used to obtain this information?

A. The Quick Start Guide for the Intel® Server Board shows the required connections.
B. The TPS for the Intel® Server Chassis will contain details for the fans included in the specific chassis.
C. The technical specifications of the Intel® Server Board will show the proper connections.
D. The TPS for the Intel® Server Board will contain details for the fan headers for the specific server board.

Answer: A

Question: 3

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Intel® Active System Console provides a lightweight management console for use with Intel® Server Boards, Systems, and Chassis. Which of the following statements are correct? (Select ALL that apply).

A. Can monitor up to 50 servers based on Intel® Server Boards, Systems, or Chassis.
B. Allows setting of power capping policies, using Intel® Node Manager.
C. Enables automated software patch deployment.
D. Enables hardware and software inventory management.
E. Enables email alerting for critical server issues.

Answer: B,E

Question: 4

Which of the following are correct statements about the System Firmware Update Package?

A. System Firmware Update Package is able to check for newer versions on line.
B. System Firmware Update Package enables updates to the Hot Swap Controllers across all Intel® Server Systems.
C. System Firmware Update Package supports IDA, OFU, WinPE & EFI*.
D. System Firmware Update Package for is able to update RAID controllers.

Answer: C

Question: 5

Which of the following is the MOST robust RAID level with 4 HDDs?

D. RAID 10

Answer: C

Question: 6

Which of the following steps can be used to restore the default setting of the Intel® server BIOS? (Select ALL that apply).

A. Jumper select system into BIOS configuration mode
B. Standard System BIOS Update
C. Enter BIOS setup, Load Default values in Exit Page, select Save Changes
D. Clear the CMOS
E. Run the command Syscfg /rfs
F. Enter BIOS Setup, Press F9, and then F10

Answer: C,D,F