Actual Oracle Cloud 1Z0-956 Exam Questions

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Vendor Oracle
Exam Code 1Z0-956
Full Exam Name Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials
Certification Name Oracle Cloud
Technology Cloud management

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Version: 8.0
Question: 1

Your company is looking for a simplified method for managing a group of reports. Identify the type of
report used in WMS Cloud that compiles multiple existing reports into a single document while
executing each report in a single order.

A. CrossTab Report
B. Express Report
C. Linked Report
D. Chained Report
E. Standard Report

Answer: E

Question: 2

Your customer wants to receive an IB shipment and capture pallet weight at the time of receiving.
Which parameter must be set in the Receiving RF screen to meet this requirement?

A. Set Capture-catch-weight as “Prompt for catch wt”.
B. Set Mode as Blind-ASN Receiving.
C. Set rch-sku-not-on-shmnt to “Promt for catch wt”.
D. Set Single-Sku-management as Assume Single SKU.
E. Set Blind-License Plate Number-receive-mode as by SKU scan.

Answer: B

Question: 3

Your customer wants to store the inventory to Active and Reserve locations after receiving. Inventory
is received in cases pack quantity and assigned to an IBLPN. Inventory is categorized to Bin Shelves and
Bulk flow items and the items dimensions are available in WMS Cloud.
Which three putaway configurations are required to meet this? (Choose three.)

A. Locations Size type and Item Putaway item should be configured prior to Putaway
B. Putaway rule overrides Putaway priority and selects the location based on the item dimension
C. Putaway rule will act according to the Priority defined.
D. This is not supported in WMS Cloud.
E. Selection Criteria will evaluate and apply the Putaway priority.
F. Putaway priority will drive the location selection.

Answer: AEF

Question: 4

You have hired a new employee to do picking in the warehouse. The employee complains that
he/she cannot work because the RF Picking transactions is not displayed as one of the RF options.
Which two scenarios will cause the transaction to be missing as an RF option in the user’s menu?
(Choose two.)

A. The RF Picking transaction is not associated with her/his group’s assigned RF Menu.
B. The employee’s Group has a blank RF Menu.
C. The employee is assigned to the “Supervisor” group.
D. The employee’s email is not set up in his/her user profile.
E. The employee has forgotten his/her password.

Answer: AD

Question: 5

Select three statements are true. (Choose three.)

A. Appointments can be used (instead of IB loads) as a way of checking in Loads into the WMS Cloud
B. The Duration as specified cannot be exceeded by the users.
C. Appointments cannot be used to track lead-time from the trailer’s check-in time to the receipt of
the first
LPN into the system.
D. The matching value type and matching value must be specified when the appointment is created.
E. Appointments are useful for tracking time discrepancies in various metrics such as planned and
actual arrival time.

Answer: ADE

Question: 6

You are creating a standard report for a client to display LPN Numbers (for multi-SKU LPNs) and their
associated items. The two data fields you have in your report are LPN Number and Item Code.
Identify what controls need to be set to create a sub-total for the number of items for each LPN.

A. Set the Summary Function for item to “Count” and check the Summarize By box for LPN.
B. Set the Summary Function for item to “Total” and check the Group By box for LPN.
C. Set the Summary Function for LPN to “Count” and check the Summarize By box for Item.
D. Set the Summary Function for LPN to “Total” and check the Group By box for item.

Answer: A

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