RCPE WAN Optimization 830-01 Exam Questions Are Out!

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Vendor Riverbed
Exam Code 830-01
Full Exam Name RCPE Certified Professional WAN 830-01Optimization
Certification Name RCPE WAN Optimization

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Version: 6.0
Question: 1

You can monitor your Steelhead appliance disk performance using which reports? (Select 2)

A. Data Store Cost
B. Data Store Performance
C. Disk Load
D. SDR Hit
E. Disk Pressure
F. Disk Alarm

Answer: A, C

Question: 2

What happens to traffic when a Steelhead appliance reports admission control?

A. Traffic will be interrupted
B. The Steelhead stops the interception of new connections for optimization for as long as it is in
admission control
C. This is just a report and the Steelhead will continue to optimize traffic
D. The Steelhead will start optimizing faster any new connections
E. The Steelhead will shut down in less than a minute

Answer: B

Question: 3

Why should you use promiscuous mode on each in-path virtual NIC for Virtual Steelhead appliance?
(Select 2)

A. For LAN/WAN Virtual NICs to intercept traffic not destined for the virtual machine
B. This configuration is mandatory for traffic optimization
C. Promiscuous mode is not required
D. Only verbose mode should be configured
E. Only regular mode should be configured

Answer: A, B

Question: 4

What deployment type supports fail-to-wire?

A. Physical in-path
B. Virtual in-path
C. Out-of-path
D. Virtual Steelhead appliance
E. Proxy file server

Answer: A

Question: 5

Can you optimize FTP using Steelhead Mobile?

A. Yes, this is possible on all FTP modes
B. When using active FTP
C. When using passive FTP
D. It is not possible to optimize FTP traffic
E. Only when there is no firewall enabled

Answer: C

Question: 6

Where are SDR references maintained on a Steelhead appliance?

A. Persistent storage
B. USB keys
C. Flash storage
D. RSP partition
E. Configuration file

Answer: A

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