VMware Certified Advanced Professional 3V0-732 Exam Dumps Is Not Tough Anymore!

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Vendor VMware
Exam Code 3V0-732
Full Exam Name VMware Certified Cloud Management and Automation Design
Certification Name VMware Certified Advanced Professional

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Version: 8.0
Question: 1

A network team has decided to utilize NSX to enable microsegmentation in its environment. Several
networks have been created to support a three-tiered application network. An architect has been
asked to incorporate this into the vRealize Automation environment and consume these networks on
What are two things the architect needs to take into consideration in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A. usable Subnet Mask in the network profiles
B. routed network profiles assigned to virtual machine port groups in the reservation
C. external network profile for each application tier
D. routed network profile for each application tier

Answer: CD

Question: 2

An architect is tasked with designing a backup strategy for vRealize Orchestrator as part of an
production rollout of a Cloud Management Platform.
Which are two valid backup design recommendations? (Choose two.)

A. If vRealize Orchestration is embedded within the vRealize Automation appliance, perform its
backup along with Manager Services for vRealize Automation.
B. Perform backup of vRealize Orchestrator virtual machines in the order of the startup priority.
C. If vRealize Orchestrator is a standalone component, perform its backup before backing up vRealize
Automation components in no particular order.
D. Perform file-level backup of the Orchestrator database only after a successful full virtual machine

Answer: CD

Question: 3

A company has a main office, three regional offices, and six branches offices. The network links are
as shown in the exhibit. View the Exhibit:
During information gathering, an architect records:
The regional offices are located in secure bunkers. The CTO feels this would be a good location for all
the vRealize Automation components to meet their BC/DR objectives. However, the CTO is looking
for the best design while maintaining their very high security requirements.
The branch offices are located in very remote locations with unpredictable network performance.
Reliance on the main and regional offices needs to be minimal while still allowing provisioning of
machines in the branch offices. The branch offices consist of three host vSphere clusters.
There is synchronous vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) between the regional offices as well as
replicated backups between the regional offices with replication running nightly. The CEO wants to
have the lowest possible RPO and RTO of the vRealize portal including the ability to manage already
provisioned machines while NOT increasing the amount of data being replicated between the
regional offices as much as possible.
Referring to the exhibit, which two design specifications can the architect recommend to meet
requirements? (Choose two.)

A. distributed vRealize Automation management solution in the main office
B. vSphere agents in each of the branch offices
C. distributed vRealize Automation management solution in each of the regional offices
D. distributed vRealize Automation management solution across the regional offices
E. vSphere agents in the regional offices that manage the regional and branch offices

Answer: DE

Question: 4

The architect for a vRealize Automation project has a customer who wants the ability to do ‘Backup
as a
Service’ capabilities through day two operations. This is to allow end users to do on-demand backup
restores of their vRealize Automation workload machines without the need to open a ticket with
To which two infrastructure qualities does this technical requirement map? (Choose two.)

A. Recoverability
B. Security
C. Manageability
D. Availability
E. Performance

Answer: AD

Question: 5

Which two-factor authentication mechanism is supported by vRealize Automation?

A. Mobile SSO (Secure Sign-On) authentication
B. AirWatch Cloud Connector authentication
C. Certificate-based authentication
D. RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) authentication

Answer: D

Question: 6

The tenant administrator for a company’s vRealize Automation deployment is asked to create a
profile for a user that should be able to assemble the blueprints that define catalog items for
consumers to request from the service catalog.
Which tenant role should this user be granted?

A. Fabric administrator
B. Catalog architect
C. Blueprint administrator
D. Application architect

Answer: D

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